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Who am I?

I’m Brian Bornino. I was born and raised as a child in North Redondo Beach, CA. Going into middle school, we moved to the California Central Coast. While going to Judkins Middle School (in Pismo Beach) and Arroyo Grande High School, we lived OUTSIDE of town. Notice schools in TWO separate “cities”. Yeah, let’s call them towns or villages (you can literally walk through the village of Arroyo Grande). Those defining years of a child, growing up with an entrepreneur as a father, it's no surprise at all how I turned out!

By High School it was clear what direction I was going. Not wanting to get my nails covered in grease and oil, I went to Cal Poly SLO as a Computer Engineer. What is that? For those of you “not in the know”, that’s a double major. Yup, I took 75% of the core curriculum of Electronic Engineering (think digital design), and 75% of the core curriculum of Computer Science (Programming). During my 5 year major (yes, 1 class away from being a math minor), I had summer jobs at Design Acceleration (software used to analyze digital trace captures and later became part of Cadence Design Systems), Seagate Software (running compatibility validation on their backup software), and Intel (Running system level simulation for Intel Itanium Processor Chipsets).

Upon Cal Poly SLO Graduation, my life completely changed. I had already met “a gal” and… I was a father. Tori was my shadow, attached to me 24/7. Straight from college, I got a job at Intel, working on Intel Chipsets, doing Technical Marketing, and designing motherboards for about 10 years! I got to visit customers (HP, IBM, Dell, etc), training them how to use our products in many different cities far away. Soon after Tori, I had two more daughters: Ari and Alex.

Then life left me in a deep dark pit of despair. While in rock bottom, I had several failed attempts at Working from Home Gigs. Gosh, in 2011, I had 4-5 jobs. I was briefly a direct hire at Innovative Concepts, then became a Contractor, at Intel, then at CogniMem, then at HP. From June 2010 to May 2012, I lived in 6 places! Nothing says “rock bottom” like couch surfing at your parents houses while THEY are going through their own divorce, too...

During that time frame, I “went back to school” and started taking online classes at Allan Hancock Community College for an AA in Business.

Finally, my new girlfriend at the time, Kate, hooked me up with a job at the California Public Employee Retirement Services on the software development teams. My first 4 years there, I was supporting the PeopleSoft Financials and Supply Chain Management Application. Later, I was moved over to the Web Applications Development team, where I still develop applications.

The summer of 2013 was the next pivotal milestone, when Coach Ruben changed my life. THAT enabled me to finish healing. I soon completed my AA in Business Management and Marketing. The next education that I started was Real Estate Sales Licensing classes in the Summer of 2014. Fortunately, in March 2015, I passed the State of California License Exam!

That soon found me in my first Real Estate Transaction: my mother’s commercial property 1031 exchange. During that transaction, I joined a TEAM of Real Estate Investors. Since then, I’ve been involved in several fix and flips and have specialized in Seller Financed Note Brokering. And I’ve been an investor ever since!

And with all that extra time I had in 2016, I managed to squeeze in a wedding, 2.5 week honeymoon, and more! In 2017, I finally moved from my townhouse to my last house ever! Despite having 3 teenage daughters playing soccer and lacrosse, I was able to start up my next specialty, Bornino Capital, working directly with the nation's leading secured promissory notes investor, Jeff Armstrong. After working on doing the notes for almost a full year I discovered that not only did the Seller Financed Note Brokering require good sales person skills, but it also required different market conditions for somebody who didn't have those skils.

Why Real Estate? Actually, I LOVE working. But, I would like to get to a point in my life where work is a choice not a requirement. Real Estate Investing really means a retirement strategy, enabling that choice. From there, I opened up my AirBnB Listing.

Meanwhile, back at CalPERS, since 2016, I've been developing Web Applications as a Full Stack Developer (PHP backend). Having developed several applications, I have transitioned into a lead developer, coordingating efforts on the team with the product managers and training junior developers. Now, I'm ready for developing a software business.

There is a reason why I'm always busy...