Busy Bee Solutions

Some of you may not know this, but my true life hero is... My dad. It's not meant to be sappy. And in 2006, if you would have told me that, you'd be the biggest liar in the world...

My dad didn't grow up with much. After putting himself thorough UCLA, he worked at a bunch of big companies, like Hughes helicopters, Hughes air, Mattel, as an engineering project manager. All while running his own auto repair business in the house. Don't think I'm kidding when I say, as a young kid, I grew up in an auto shop. Yet, I didn't learn a single thing. And my first real childhood house that I grew up in was a fix and flip! My dad fixed, repaired, and replaced virtually everything in that house!

My dad was always busy, and rarely had the time for me. Eventually, I'm not sure what happened, but he went full time! He got an actual business garage, and moved the business out!

It wasn't until my kid brother died that things changed. Year later, my dad bought a house, 180 miles away, that needed major repairs and updates. Do we moved to outside the city limits of Arroyo Grande. Two years later of being the top real estate sales agent in the office, he became a broker. Those two years he started investing.

The next six years he worked on resurrecting a bowling alley, just to level it. That's when the final real investing got going. He got good at finding small commercial properties, buying them well under market value, fixing them up, getting tenets, and keeping them 3 - 7 years till he would 1031 exchange into better places.

By about 2008, he was probably on vacation, usually a cruise ship, 2 months out of year.

These days it's more like 3 - 4 months!

Any idea why I want to be just Like my dad?!