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I'll never forget the summer of 2013. That summer, I finally tipped the scale at 220 pounds! At 5' 10", my BMI was well over 30% (clinically obese). At age 36, my arthritis was getting so painful, that at work, often, I could barely walk from my desk to the bathroom without being in pain!

Ironically, at that time, my online college class was health. Yeah, learning about the very high correlation between a BMI over 30% and... diabetes, cancer, and heart disease.

I stumbled upon a free seminar at work on how to reverse allergies. And cancer. And diabetes.

Coach Ruben saved my life.

Just one lunch, and I learned that arthritis is an allergic reaction to... animal proteins in joint muscle tissues. Yeah, 6 weeks later of not eating animal protein, my arthritis was gone: I could keep up with a team of 9 year old girls playing soccer and another team of 13 year old girls playing soccer!

I also learned that ENT infections are common allergic reactions to dairy proteins. For those of you who didn't know, even as an adult, I routinely would get ear infections, strep throat and major runny stuffy nose issues. Avoiding those, I haven't seen a doctor since.

The next lunch I learned what really caused diabetes: fat. And anything that the body turns into fat: refined sugar and alcohol. I cut those out of my diet.

But Ruben's help didn't stop there. Ruben focused on whole health. I learned how exercise actually changes the body chemistry. Just 20 minutes of daily cardio is enough to increase the count of mitochondria in your cells. Yeah, that increase results in increasing your metabolism!

Remember the whole health? He had additional information about emotional health. His positive thinking seminars were so powerful, that they still sit in my system.

And then the real effects kicked in: I naturally dropped weight. Yeah: I bottomed out at 152 pounds. For those of you who didn't catch that, it was almost a full 70 pound drop. That was going from a 40" waist down to a 32" waist. All my energy from my 20's came back to me. And I have been a proud starchivore ever since!

THAT all added up to... Enabling me to jump into real estate investing!