Busy Bee Solutions

Employee Review App

You know how many businesses require annual performance reviews to be written? Yeah, I'm at one of those places. But there is more to the application than just text fields for people to type in their reviews. Features include:

  • Database encryption of the more sensitive fields within the review
  • Manager can see all employees on their team and each of the employee due dates (they are aligned with their birth month here) and the status of the reviews at a glance
  • Middle Management can also read the reviews and see the progress of different units of keeping on time
  • Allows for different Review Questions for different employees by classification
  • PDFs the review and does digital signature
  • Human Resources can view, print, and record who last printed and filed

Note: As a reminder, I write web applications for the California Public Employee Retirement System. This is one of those apps, so I can't link a live demo here.