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My third fix and flip experience... Let's just say, you know how some people would live in the project? Yeah, I wouldn't recommend that at all. Funny story...

I had just gotten home from my honeymoon. I'm standing at the stove warming up some lunch. When some drops of water leaned on my head! I looked up and there was a water bubble in the ceiling plaster. Looking down, I noticed a substantial puddle of water. Crap!

My most favorite plumber, snappy router, was there within 2 hours. Apparently, the master shower faucet was leaking... Into the wall! That leak went through the insides of the wall, spraying down the entire cavity (drywall on both sides, the studs), into the floor (getting all of the surrounding tile floor and laminated wood flooring wet), then into the ceiling below. Yikes!

We spent one night at the house. Next day, I practically slept through a half day at work. Insurance company came by. They had some kind of hazmat company drying the material. The HAZMAT company sourrounded the infected room with that thick heavy plastic tarp for walls. Then, they used that huge machine to suck the air out, blowing it outside. Once that zero pressure room was created, they slowly started dismantling the room, pulling out the tile, which contained asbestos in it. The next week, we stayed at 3 hotels four different times.

The repairs resulted in completely tearing out the shower and bathroom floor.

That included the entire shower floor pan: that metal piece that catches all of the water and all of the drywall on the lower third of the floor. Almost the entire wall between the shower and the bathroom sink was pulled out: you can see the bare wires and junction box! Upon removal of the bathroom cabinets, the tile counter top was destroyed. Dang. They were able to save the new bathroom faucet recepticle.

Of course, to remove the floor, they also had to remove the toilet. We could see the plumbing for the kids shower behind it.

But it didn't stop there. Gravity screwed us. The kitchen ceiling needed repair. Lucky for me, I was able to seize the opportunity and change out the sunken light fixture over the kitchen sink to a modern size which could use an LED. The old one was so incredibly dim that, in the middle of the night, nightlights were brighter than it! Unfortunately, the kitchen ceiling repair required taking the upper kitchen cabinets down. During THAT process, the kitchen tile counter top was damaged. Darn. I really loved all that kitchen tile counter grout.

You know how you sometimes think it would be cool to live in a hotel? Yeah, I did that for seven weeks. With the wife. And three teenage daughter's living with me part time. It's not fun. You know how you get excited about having those hotel breakfast make your own waffle machine? That got boring by day 5. And let's not forget the really exciting part. What are you going to eat? In a small hotel room kitchenette, we ate out so many times, it put a few more pounds in our body's after a 2.5 week honeymoon.

The end result. Wow.

Poured marble bathroom walk in shower. Complete with Two built in shelves so we wouldn't have to have that nasty wire shelf. New faucet fixture and new shower head.

New bathroom tile floor.

New poured marble bathroom vanity counter top with continuous pour built in sink.

And that tile kitchen counter was replaced with granite. The old chipped dual bin sink with major stains was replaced with a deep, single bowl sink, sunken below the counter top. The old faucet was replaced along with a brand new Reverse Osmosis for drinking water that we could stand to taste!

You'll also notice the corner of our new to us, the electric glass stove top for cooking. It came to us virtualy free from the Bruno Shopping Network...

And don't forget the fresh coats of paint. The kitchen cabinet faces could not be refinished. So, they used a high end oil paint all over all of the cabinets. Of course, the lower cabinets had to match the upper ones, so ALL of the cabients got a fresh coat of paint.

Final costs: $18,000 in repairs that the insurance company *mosty* covered (with a few headaches along the way). Plus they covered 7 weeks of hotel and food. And the headache of getting everybody paid. The extra 10+ lbs of eating out. And the broken arm when moving out of the hotel...